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The Joy Of Numerology

Watch numerologist Joy Woodward as she uncovers the eye-opening effect numbers have on our lives.

Joy Of Numerology Info

September 30, 2018

Join fabulous numerologist Joy Woodward and guests as she explains the significance of numbers. From birthdays to name changes, Joy covers all forms of numerological impact. With various guests from all walks of life, her cohost pup Wolfgang, and a little bit of bling; the Joy Of Numerology will put some sparkle into your day! 

Episode One: Agnes Rup

October 01, 2018

Joy speaks with internationally acclaimed artist Agnes Rup about all things numerology. From the impact numbers have made in her AGA Art Studio to the effect on close relationships, Joy takes her guest on a enlightening journey. 

Episode Two: Catherine Potter

October 26, 2018

Joy reads the numbers of Catherine Potter, a teacher and director at Northern Star College of Mystical Studies. Watch now as Joy and Catherine discuss the connection between their different spiritual modalities, and the influence numbers have in our lives.

Episode Three: Tara Drennan

October 26, 2018

Joy gives spiritual reader and therapist Tara Drennan insight into her numbers and their role in her life.

From life paths to maturity, Joy discusses big topics- all while having fun!

Episode Four: Natasha Mott & Kelly Vass

January 01, 2020

Joy reads Natasha Mott and Kelly Vass

Episode Five: Kate King Jewellery

January 01, 2020

Watch Joy reads Kate King

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