CATV1 is Central Alberta's only programming hub. We broadcast free Video On Demand, host a 24/7 live stream, and manage television channel 55, all in the heart of Alberta. Our team produces a variety of community oriented programs ranging from agricultural science to morning talk shows. With 30+ years in the broadcasting industry, we have content seen by over 15,000 people daily. 

Why Choose Us?

Video marketing offers a huge advantage to any organization. As viewer numbers continue to grow, video advertising is becoming more impactful everyday. CATV1 provides advertisers a unique client base, developing content to be consumed both digitally and traditionally. In other words, we bridge the gap between demographics and help you reach more people.  

Accessible Advertising

CATV1 ​reaches people from all walks of life. We help you earn trust and build a strong client base by utilizing multiple platforms. Central Alberta TV offers flexibility. Whether you represent a small business or a large organization, we find a plan for all your company's needs.

You'll start seeing results by growing your brand the way you want to.


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